The easiest way to blog


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Various themes available
  • Includes social network features
  • Templates for different types of post


  • Finding a free subdomain name can take some time


Tumblr is a really simple publishing platform with which you can create your own personal blog in no time.

The main difference between Tumblr and other blogging platforms is ease of use: you can create a Tumblr account with just an email account, and start posting in less than two minutes. The online publishing editor in Tumblr has templates to create and share regular text posts, videos, photos, quotes, audio files, chat logs and links.

Personalization in Tumblr is simple; you can customize theme and appearance, create extra pages, and link it to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. There are free and premium (paid) Tumblr themes to choose from and, if you have the necessary knowledge, you can also design your own.

Besides being a publishing platform, Tumblr offers also some social networking features, like the ability to ‘follow’ other Tumblr users as on Twitter, ‘like’ special posts as on Facebook and republish posts on your own Tumblr from other people (the so called ‘reblog’ function).

The Tumblr system lets you have a Tumblr subdomain (something like myname.tumblr.com) or link your blog to a domain name you already own. In the first case, however, it can be difficult to find a free domain name – and it’s a bit annoying as well, as there’s no way to check name availability before sending the form.

If you’d like to start a blog in the simplest possible way, give Tumblr a go. It won’t disappoint.


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